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Medium-Heavy Duty
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Medium-Heavy Duty

California Coast Truck Repair takes pride in offering comprehensive services for your medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Our skilled technicians specialize in various categories to ensure your vehicle operates at peak performance.

Interior Systems

When it comes to the interior systems of your medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, California Coast Truck Repair leaves no stone unturned. Our technicians expertly address warning lights, HVAC, horn, windshield wipers, windshield washers, steering, and glass, ensuring a comfortable and safe driving experience.


Ensure the robust powertrain of your truck is in top condition with our specialized services. California Coast Truck Repair covers a comprehensive list of components, including the engine, drive belts, radiator, cooling system hoses, cooling fans, intake air system, battery system, fluid leaks, exhaust system, aftertreatment system (DPF, DOC, SCR, DEF), and fuel system.


Your truck's drivetrain is a critical component, and California Coast Truck Repair has the expertise to keep it running smoothly. Our services include thorough inspections of the driveline, driveshaft U-joints, driveline center support bearing, driveline slip yoke, differential pinion seal/carrier bearing, differential oil leaks, automatic and manual transmissions, transmission oil leaks, and clutches.

Chassis & Brakes

Safety on the road is paramount, and California Coast Truck Repair ensures your chassis and brakes are in optimal condition. Our meticulous examinations cover front brakes, rear brakes, air system, brake hydraulics, steering, front suspension, rear suspension, mud flaps, and wheel seals and bearings.

Electrical & Lighting

Illuminate the road and stay visible with our electrical and lighting services. California Coast Truck Repair covers headlights, stop/tail/turn lights, marker/clearance lamps, and four-ways/hazards, ensuring your medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks operate safely and efficiently.

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